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SCFS News 0611

From the desk of the President

St. Charles Flying Service Continues to Weather the Storms

Well, this past week I started my 39th year as the operator of St. Charles Flying Service. It seems like just yesterday that I came to the old St. Charles Municipal Airport and took over the day to day operation of St. Charles Flying Service. Here we are 38 years and literally thousands of pilots later and we are still offering first rate service to the St. Louis flying community. We have weathered the fuel shortage of the early 70’s, the interest crises of the early 80’s, the flood of 93, the banking crisis of 2008, the closing of St. Charles Airport in July 2009, and here we are in the worst recession since the great depression and people are still wanting to learn and experience the thrill of learning to fly.

St. Charles Flying Service is still here and with your support will continue to provide the St. Louis Aviation community with Flight Training, Aircraft Rental, Instruction, Aircraft Maintenance, and Fuel Service for years to come.

Spring and Summer News

Looks like the weather pattern has turned in favor of those of us who depend on the weather for our livelihood.  It is certainly nice to see the sun for several days in a row without gale force winds accompanying it. With that in mind, we have come up with some pretty good specials to entice folks to come out and fly one of our airplanes, or dig your own airplanes out of cold storage and get them up in the air.

New Addition to Our Rental Fleet

 We have added a 172P with a full Garmin IFR Certified 430 WAAS radio package to include an stec auto pilot to our rental fleet. One of the nicest vintage Skyhawks around, and readily available for instrument training and cross country rental.



New County Airport Hangars Open

The new hangars at Smartt Field have opened and there is space available now at the airport to hangar your airplane, with prices ranging from $165 to $235 per month for T hangars.

St. Charles County Smartt Airport is a great (and affordable) place to call home. KSET has both full-service and self-service fuel available at reasonable prices, great runways in the north, south, east, and west directions, good instrument approaches, a full service maintenance facility for all types piston aircraft available, rental and instruction from Missouri’s only FAA approved flight school, and pilot service for those who are in need of experienced pilots to fly your airplane when needed.

EAA Open House

Join the folks for an open house June 16, 2012 at the EAA hangar at St. Charles County Airport. There will be food, airplane rides, airplane displays, and plenty of airplane talk. Then stay the evening for a great aviation movie there in the hangar with your fellow flying enthusiasts.

Check Us Out Online

We update our web site weekly and post some really good deals there.  Our web site is www.stcharlesflyingservice.com, but of course you already knew that if you’re reading this!