Learn to Fly! St. Charles Flying Service, St. Charles, MO

Learn to Fly!


The best way to experience the thrill of flight and get a chance to find out what learning to fly is all about is to schedule an introductory flight. This flight actually counts as your first real flight lesson.

Got Some Questions?

Two Ways to Schedule an Introductory Flight Lesson

If you purchased a voucher from one of our deal-of-the-day partners follow the Voucher Intro path.

Note that these flights are very popular, and therefore all requests must be made at least 21 days in advance.  Intro flights are for new customers only and cannot be used for anyone who has flown at SCFS before.  One per customer.

If you’d rather not go the voucher route we still offer a standard introductory lesson. The cost for this flight is $125. The standard intro advantage is that there is only a 7 day lead time, and no upgrade charge to carry a passenger. Click the Standard Intro button to follow that path.

Either way, we’ll schedule your flight and respond via email with the exact date and time of your lesson.

Voucher Intro Standard Intro