Learn to Fly! St. Charles Flying Service, St. Charles, MO

Ground School

Private Pilot and Instrument Ground School

Our Ground School classes are taught by experienced, full-time flight instructors/professional pilots. They are open to everyone, including previous students and especially those looking for a VFR or IFR refresher to enhance your proficiency.

If you’d like to enroll, call us at 636-946-6066 or click here to e-mail your request.

We’re always enrolling for the next session Private & Instrument Ground School classes. When we meet our minimum enrollments for each, we set a start date and contact you with the details. If you are interested in attending either (or both!) classes, contact us and we’ll put you on the list.

These courses are typically 14 weeks in duration and are held once per week from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.

Even if you’re just thinking about becoming a pilot, these classes are a great way to learn what it takes and to see if it’s the thing for you.  Feel free to give us a call to find out more about these highly valuable and informative classes.


Next Private Pilot Ground School Starting in January (start date TBD)

We have more options than ever! You can now combine online study using King Schools with in-person classroom training. You can use the King (on-line), Jeppesen or FAA text books for your reading assignments and take advantage of a “tried-and-true” classroom course that has been taught here for years. You can even choose to study on-line and sit in on your choice of individual classes for just $25.00 per class. If you’re using the King on-line for the full session, that’s a net cost of less than $4.00 per hour for the classroom instruction! The King on-line course is a great choice because it can also be used by you and your Flight Instructor to monitor your progress in the classroom AND your flight training!  Click here for pricing.

Call 1-800-447-6066 to enroll.

For more info, contact: David Kleinschmidt   (314)-791-6503