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Dynamic Propeller Balancing

Got Vibration?

We can help with our new, state of the art Dynamic Propeller Balancer.
The advantages of Dynamic Propeller Balancing are numerous, here is one interesting point!
Improved Aircraft Reliability. Out of balance propeller vibrations affect a wide range of aircraft systems.
Failures relating to this condition include:

1. Avionics failure
2. Alternator or generator failure
3. Vacuum pump failure
4. Wiring harness failure
5. Fuel control failure
6. Leaky oil coolers
7. Cracked or broken exhaust manifolds
8. Sheet metal and cowling cracks
9. Broken or cracked engine and/or turbocharger mounts

$95 Per Hour Until July 1, 2022

If you would like more information on propeller balancing or would like to make an appointment, just call (800) 447-6066. Locally, call: 636-946-6066.