Learn to Fly! St. Charles Flying Service, St. Charles, MO

Light Sport Aircraft

St. Charles Flying Service is the St. Louis area’s first Light Sport training facility.  Approved in 2005, the Light Sport Certificate is aimed at those pilots that want to fly only for recreation. The Sport certificate is more affordable and less time consuming than other ratings and reduces the hassles that have hampered many people who want to learn to fly.

Evektor SportStar

The SportStar is a nimble two-place low-wing Light Sport Aircraft. The spacious cockpit is equipped with basic radio and GPS, and the large bubble canopy provides excellent visibility. Great for the pilot looking to fly just for fun, and perfect for the student eager to train for their Sport Pilot certificate! Cruises at 106 kts.


Year 2007
Base Empty Weight 747.8
Arm 11.07
Moment 8278.15
Useful Load 572.2
Fuel Capacity 31.7 gallons
Fuel Weight 190.2 lbs.
Useable Load 382 lbs.
Fuel Consumption 5 gph
Intercom 2
GPS Garmin 296


Useable Load Is Calculated On Full Fuel In All Tanks

These figures are for GENERAL REFERENCE ONLY and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Refer to the aircraft P.O.H and supplements for weight & balance, performance, instructions, and limitations.