Learn to Fly! St. Charles Flying Service, St. Charles, MO

Our People

At the heart of any good company is its employees. St. Charles Flying Service, Inc. has a staff of courteous, professional and highly experienced people ready to serve all your aviation needs. We all appreciate your business – let us know how we can help you!


Dennis BamptonSCFS President
Sandy MadereOffice Manager
John TarrantIT Infrastructure Maintenance
Dave HenkeWeekday Dispatcher
Theresa BiermannDispatcher
Kevin BokerDispatcher
Mike FerraraIT Support, Web Maintenance
Bill KindlerDispatcher
Maranda PointsMaintenance Office Manager
Ubair AslamDispatcher
Mark CouillardDispatcher

Pilots & Instructors

Flight Instruction Pilots

Jim FrankeAGI, CFIIChief Flight Instructor
Jim HeinzCFII, MEI, ATPTailwheel, Aerobatics
Lou NiederbergerCFII, MEI, ATPInstrument and ATP
Anthony RizzutiCFII, MEI
Charlie GrottCFII
Scott DuBoisCFI
Doug TangCFI, MEI
Pedro BilaCFI
Logan FitzgeraldCFI
Seth FranzgroteCFI
Chip StrugarCFI
David KleinschmidtAGIGround School Instructor

Charter Service & Aerial Advertising Pilots

Rick Bergman
Jack Bowers
Ed Ruhbeck
Terry Wolfmeyer


Clint GrantA&P, IADirector of Maintenance
Tod BamptonParts Department Manager
David AllisonA&P
Keith DanielA&P
Maranda PointsMaintenance Office Manager
Jeff LucchesiA&P
Wes TwenteApprentice
Jado JinApprentice

Line Service

Colton MaeswichSupervisor
Clayton Anderson
Chris Bates
Zach Cook
Jin (JD) Jaedo
Carter Madere