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Advanced & Complex

Complex Aircraft

Complex aircraft can be identified by their retractable landing gear, controllable pitch propeller, and movable or adjustable flaps.


Cessna 182RG

A high performance, complex airplane certified IFR capable and a cruise speed of 150 kts.


Year 1978
Base Empty Weight  1,898.75 lbs
Arm 33.8
Moment 64,177.71
Useful Load 1,201.25 lbs
Fuel Capacity   80 gallons
Fuel Weight 480  lbs
Useable Pay Load  721 lbs
Fuel Consumption  12 gph
Intercom 4
GPS IFR Certified GNS 530W with CDI/ GS Annunciator
Additional Info GTX 345 Tsp w Enc ADSB in/out with BlueTooth traffic and WX Ipad/Android, GDL 69 for XM WX on 530, Storm Scope, Insight 610 engine monitor, STEC 30 Altitude hold on Cessna 300 Navomatic w roll, Sigtronics Avionics Master, Leather Interior 2016, &  Monarch fuel tanks w Caps


Useable Load Is Calculated On Full Fuel In All Tanks

These figures are for GENERAL REFERENCE ONLY and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Refer to the aircraft P.O.H and supplements for weight & balance, performance, instructions and limitations.