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Learn to Fly!


Got Some Questions?

Take an Introductory Flight

The best way to experience the thrill of flight and get a chance to find out what learning to fly is all about is to schedule an introductory flight. This flight actually counts as your first real flight lesson.  Plus, there’s no charge for the time you spend with your flight instructor during your session.

There are 2 ways to purchase and schedule your introductory flight

Our standard introductory flight is only $109. If you’d like to sign up for this, then click the Standard button. With this method, you settle up with our flight dispatcher after your flight.

The second method requires that you first purchase a voucher from one of our deal-of-the-day partners like Groupon, Living Social, or similar service. We’ve partnered with a large number of these services, so watch their web sites for our coupons! After you’ve made your purchase, click the Voucher button below to schedule your flight.