Learn to Fly! St. Charles Flying Service, St. Charles, MO

Online Scheduling


SCFS uses an Online Scheduling System that fully integrates with our customer database. This allows you to manage your appointments for aircraft, instructors, or both. Any changes you make show up immediately in our database!

 Click Here to access the system.

Important Information

  • STUDENTS: In order to avoid miscommunication, always coordinate scheduling with your Flight Instructor via phone/email/text, especially when scheduling after hours.
  • RENTERS: If you need to schedule Dual Instruction, especially Flight Reviews, IPC’s, Aircraft Checkouts, etc., please contact the Instructor by phone, or call our dispatch desk to confirm your appointment. 

If you are a current SCFS Customer, you already have a Username and Password.  See below for instructions on how to determine your login information.

If you are not yet a customer or need assistance in determining your login information, please contact Dispatch at 636-946-6066.  Also direct any issues and/or feedback to the same number or contact us to report any concerns.  Thanks!

How to determine your login information:


Your username is determined using the name and zip code on your SCFS account.

Example: John Q. Public…

  • First letter of your first name (J)
  • First three letters of your last name(PUB)
  • last 3 numbers of zip code(123)

The resulting username in this exapmle would be:  JPUB123


Your password is the zip code listed on your account.

Using the above example, John Q. Public’s password = 63123