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Veterans Programs

Post-9/11 GI Bill and Montgomery GI Bill

St. Charles Flying Service, Inc. is proud to be authorized by the Veterans Administration to provide flight training to our dedicated service men and women. We have attempted to provide you with brief guidelines on how the VA program can assist you with your flight training. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding the specific policies and procedures of St. Charles Flying Service, Inc. and the VA Program.


If you have not already applied for your VA (MGIB/VEAP) benefits, you may sign up online at the VA web site to complete the Application for Benefits.

To enroll you need to be at least a Private Pilot and have a valid and current second-class medical certificate.

You will need to provide a copy of your FAA Pilot Certificate and Medical Certificate prior to enrollment in all approved training courses. Note that the ATP course requires you to have a first-class medical certificate. If you are active duty military then you must have your completed Application for Benefits signed by your commanding officer or education officer.

Reimbursable Costs

For Montgomery Bill Veterans the reimbursement policy of the VA for flight training is limited to 60% of costs up to the maximum number of hours approved for dual instruction for both flight and ground training. The maximum hours are based on the FAA Regulations Part 141 for each certificate or rating sought.

This reimbursement is paid to you by the VA on a monthly basis, and is calculated based on the total cost of actual training you received. This information is documented on the VA’s Monthly Certification report and submitted to the VA by St. Charles Flying Service, Inc.

The policy excludes reimbursement for any hours over the approved maximum, FAA medical exams, books, or other materials whether they are required or not. The policy may include, at your request, reimbursement for your FAA written exams and FAA practical check-rides.

For 9/11 Veterans the VA will pay up to $10,000 per calendar year if you are 100% qualified.  Speak to Dennis to get details.

When you meet with our staff, we can provide you with a reasonable estimate of the expected total VA program cost for the course(s) you choose. Exact costs will depend on the your progress, since students must train to FAA Practical Test Standards.

Payment for all charges incurred for aircraft rental and instruction are due upon completion of each training session. Payment can be made with a major credit card, ATM or debit card, as well as cash or check.

Our aircraft and instruction rate information is available here.  Additional fees to take the FAA Practical Tests will typically average from $250.00 to $350.00.

Loans and Grants

Various loan and grant options are available to you through several organizations. Upon request, we will be happy to sit down with you and help you choose the best option for your needs.

Attendance Requirements

VA requires students to complete a minimum amount of training during the reporting period as follows:

Veterans, service members or reservists receiving federal educational assistance benefits under Title 38, U. S. Code, are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of instruction per quarter (defined as every 90 -day period following the date training began). Additionally, Each VA student must complete a minimum of 5 hours of flight or ground training during each 30-day period following the training began. Exceptions may be granted due to weather, illness or other unavoidable circumstances and must be documented in the student file to be considered acceptable.

Veterans, service members or reservists failing to meet these monthly and quarterly minimums will be terminated for the purpose of VA payment effective the last day of that month or quarter. A student may re-enroll only after evidence is shown that the conditions relating to the unsatisfactory attendance have been rectified. A student may re-enroll more than one time if mitigating circumstances allow.

Contact Us

We are dedicated to working closely with you and the VA to help make your enrollment process and flight training an enjoyable experience.

If you have any questions please contact us. We’d also like to invite you to come and meet with our professional and courteous staff and take a look at our aircraft and facilities at any time.

Click here to view a PDF of our school catalog.

You may also contact the VA toll free at 1-888-442-4551.

We look forward to hearing from you, and providing you with the very best in professional flight training here at St. Charles Flying Service, Inc.