Learn to Fly! St. Charles Flying Service, St. Charles, MO

International Students

St. Charles Flying Service has been formally appointed as a SEVIS approved school to teach nonimmigrant students pilot ratings to include:

  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Pilot
  • Professional Pilot
  • Multi Engine Commercial Pilot
  • Certified Flight Instructor Pilot
  • Certified Instrument Flight Instructor Pilot
  • Air Line Transport Pilot

Anyone interested in applying for acceptance should begin by completing an Application for Admission and email it to the attention of Dennis Bampton at dennis@stcharlesflyingservice.com.

If, upon evaluation of our facilities and cost involved for the particular course of interest, you decide to attend we will need to receive a $2,500 course reservation fee, which will be credited to your account to be used upon arrival.

Visa processing fees and administrative fees will be deducted from the initial course reservation fee and are non refundable.

“Wire Transfer” is the accepted method of paying the initial course fees (Instructions will be forwarded if application is accepted).

The following figures are based on acquiring a total of 220 hours. If a student chose to utilize the minimum flight times required to acquire Private, Instrument, Multi-Engine Commercial certifications the student could save additional monies.

Language barriers may cause students to take more time than estimated.

The estimated cost of these programs includes the fuel surcharges as of September 1, 2016 and these cost fluctuate depending on fuel cost at time of service.

Estimated Cost to Obtain
Private/Instrument/Commercial Multi-Engine Certifications

Effective September 2, 2016
Prices subject to change without notice

Private Pilot CertificateCessna 152
FAA Medical Exam$ 110.00
Books/Classroom/Supplies$ 720.00
35 Hours Dual Instruction$ 5,624.50
25 Hours Solo$ 2,767.50
1.5 Hours Solo For Check Ride$ 166.05
20 Hours Pre & Post Flight One-on-One Instruction$ 1,000.00
Examiner Check Ride Fee$ 350.00
Sales Tax on Kit and Solo Time @ 5.95%$ 193.88
Total Cost$ 10,931.93

This assumes that you are ready for your check ride in 61.5 hours of flight time.

Instrument Pilot RatingIFR Certified Cessna 172
Books/Classroom/Supplies$ 720.00
25 Hours Dual Instruction$ 4,447.50
10 Hours Dual BATD-2 Simulator$ 1,100.00
30 Hours Ground One-on-One $ 1,500.00
15 Hours Pre & Post Flight One-on-One Instruction$ 750.00
1.5 Hours Solo for Check Ride$ 191.85
Examiner Check Ride Fee$ 350.00
Sales Tax on Kit and Solo Time @ 5.95%$ 30.75
Total Cost$ 9,090.10

This assumes that you are ready for your check ride in 98.5 hours of flight time.

Commercial Certificate Airplane Multi-Engine Land
15 Hours Ground One-on-One $ 750
62 Hours Solo using a Cessna 152$ 6,863.40
45 Hours Dual using a Cessna 172$ 8,005.50
5 Hours Dual using the Cessna 182RG$ 1,194.00
10 Hours Dual using the Beech B76 Duchess$ 3,118.00
1.5 Hours Solo for Check Ride using the Cessna 182RG$ 283.20
1.5 Hours Solo for Check Ride using the Beech B76 Duchess$ 391.80
Examiner Check Ride Fees$ 700.00
Sales Tax on Solo Time @ 5.95%$ 448.53
Total Cost$ 21,754.43

Private Pilot Certificate$ 10,931.93
Instrument Rating$ 9,091.10
Commercial Pilot Certificate - AMEL$ 21,754.43
Grand Total$ 41,777.46

Additional Variable Cost
Administration Fee$ 1,250.00
Housing (cost varies with type of accommodations selected)$ Variable
I-20 and TSA Forms$ 330.00
Medical (cost will vary with type physical and doctor selected)$ 150.00

The above number of flight hours are based on estimated flight times that have been established through years of experience we have obtained here at St. Charles Flying Service Inc. If minimum part 141 standards are used, it is possible to obtain the above mentioned ratings at a LESSER COST. Also, cost will vary depending on the type aircraft used during your training.

To apply, complete this Application for Admission and return it along with your $2,500 course registration fee via Express Mail or Federal Express to St. Charles Flying Service Inc., 6016 Portage Rd., Portage Des Sioux, MO 63373.  Your course application fee will be credited to your account to be used upon your arrival in the USA.