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Complex & Multi-Engine

Complex aircraft can be identified by their retractable landing gear, controllable pitch propeller, and movable or adjustable flaps. If your desire is to earn a commercial pilot certificate, become a flight instructor, or become multi-engine proficient, we can help!

Cessna 172RG

A complex airplane, certified IFR, with a useful load greater than 1,000 lbs, capable of cruise speeds approaching 140 kts and a 45 minute reserve range greater than 700 nm.


Year 1982
Base Empty Weight 1,652.6 lbs
Arm 38.97
Moment 64,408.05
Useful Load 1,005.4 lbs
Fuel Capacity 62 gallons
Fuel Weight 372 lbs
Useable Pay Load 633.4 lbs
Fuel Consumption 10 gph
Intercom 4
GPS IFR Certified Garmin 530 WAAS
Additional Nav. Eqpt. King KX-155
with Glideslope


Cessna 182RG

A high performance, complex airplane certified IFR capable of useful loads in excess of 1100 lbs. and a cruise speed of 150 kts.


Year 1978
Base Empty Weight 1,849.5 lbs
Arm 34.32
Moment 63,474.84
Useful Load 1250.5 lbs
Fuel Capacity 75 gallons
Fuel Weight 450 lbs.
Useable Pay Load 800.5 lbs
Fuel Consumption 12 gph
Intercom 2
GPS IFR Certified Garmin 430
Additional Nav. Eqpt. ADF


Beechcraft BE-76 Duchess

The Duchess is a four-place twin engine aircraft certified for instrument flight, and carries a useful load of around 1150 lbs. at a cruise speed of 140 kts.


Year 1980
Base Empty Weight 2,697 lbs
Arm 111.38
Moment 300,391.86
Useful Load 1,203 lbs
Fuel Capacity 100 gallons
Fuel Weight 600 lbs
Useable  Pay Load 603 lbs
Fuel Consumption 16 gph
Intercom 4
Additional Nav. Eqpt. DME



Year 1979
Base Empty Weight 2,633.27 lbs
Arm 110.33
Moment 290,521.20
Useful Load 1,266.73 lbs
Fuel Capacity 100 gallons
Fuel Weight 600 lbs
Useable Pay Load 666.73 lbs
Fuel Consumption 16 gph
Intercom 4
IFR Certified GPS Garmin 430
Additional Nav. Eqpt. HSI


Cessna 310R

This is the largest plane in our fleet and is called into service regularly by our returning charter customers. It’s a six-place twin engine airplane with all-weather capabilities, capable of cruise speeds of 175 kts. and can carry up to 5 passengers.


Year 1980
Base Empty Weight 3,878 lbs
Arm xxx.xx
Moment xxxxxx.xx
Useful Load 1,622 lbs
Fuel Capacity 163 gallons
Fuel Weight 978 lbs
Useable  Pay Load 650 lbs
Fuel Consumption 29 gph
Intercom 4
GPS Apollo 155XL
Additional Nav. Eqpt. RDR 160 Radar,
Flight Dir


Useable Load Is Calculated On Full Fuel In All Tanks

These figures are for GENERAL REFERENCE ONLY and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Refer to the aircraft P.O.H and supplements for weight & balance, performance, instructions and limitations.